What is your jewelry made from?
All our jewelry is made from sterling silver, gold fill and vermeil.

What exactly is gold filled?
Gold-filled jewelry is a thick layer of 14 kt pure gold over base metal. It is over 100 times thicker than regular gold plating. It is a great in between gold plating and solid gold because it will last for years and years, but it it a lot more affordable than solid gold. However, since the top layer of gold is so thick, please treat it like pure gold when cleaning.

Does the jewelry contain nickel?
No it does not.

Can I stamp on both sides of the tags?
We hand stamp all our tags rather than engraving them, so we are only able to stamp on one side as the imprint shows slightly on the back.

Can I request a different font or lowercase letters?
At this time, we only offer one font and uppercase letters.

When will I receive my order?
All jewelry is hand made especially for you, so please allow up to 3 to 4 weeks for your jewelry to be made and shipped.

What shipping method do you use?
We use USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2 to 3 days. You will receive a confirmation e-mail along with your tracking info as soon as it leaves the studio.

What is your return Policy?
Please see our Return Policy page for full details on our policies.

If my chain snaps, can I get a replacement?
Yes. We understand that many of our customers have small children that like to play with your necklace! Sometimes they pull a bit too hard and snap them. If your chain snaps within 3 months of purchasing your necklace we will replace the chain free of charge. If it has been over 3 months please contact us by phone or e-mail and you may purchase a replacement chain.
If sending in a necklace for repair, please make sure you include the tags as well as chain, so we can recycle the broken pieces and attach your tags to a new chain for you.

Am I able to order additional tags if have more children?
Absolutely! Please contact us at info@annabeejewelry.com and we can guide you through the process.

Can I just order the tags, rather than the full necklace?
We are afraid not. You must be an existing Anna Bee Necklace owner to be able to purchase additional tags.

Are the birthstones you use real?
Yes. If you buy July birthstone for example, it really is an actual ruby! All of the birthstones are high quality, real gemstones with the exception of April’s birthstone. We use Cubic Zirconia instead of real diamonds because they are a beautiful looking, much more affordable alternative.

How big are the birthstone beads?
The beads are a tiny 3mm in size, so they are subtle and don’t overwhelm the piece.

I am buying the necklace as a gift. What length chain would you suggest?
If you are unsure, we would suggest you go for the middle option 18 inches as that will fit most people.

My necklace is starting to tarnish and get dirty. What is the best way of cleaning it?
Because it is a flat piece of metal that gets handles quite a bit, it is going to start to get dirty. However with just a bit of love and care you can make it look as good as new very easily. It is also really inexpensive and totally worth using to ensure you jewelry looks its very best. We suggest using a standard jewelry polishing cloth on the tags to remove dirt and tarnish. For the chain we recommend using a liquid jewelry cleaner. For more info please check out the Anna Bee Jewelry Blog.

How often should I clean my jewelry?
Maybe every couple of months depending on how dirty it gets. It is a lot better to clean as soon as you notice it getting dirty than waiting for it to get really bad, as it gets harder the dirtier it is.

Where can I but a jewelry cloth and the liquid cleaner?
You can purchase them online or from your local drugstore. When cleaning your silver chains, we suggest holding the tags and dipping the chain in the liquid. If you put your whole necklace in there, it will remove the dark dye that makes the letters stand out. Our favorite brands are “Connoisseurs” silver cleaner and “Hagerty” for gold. Please make sure you read the instructions though. It is very important you do not leave your jewelry in the liquid too long or it may get ruined. We know, we have tested it! Also look out for special instructions regarding the birthstones. Some stones are more porous than others and therefore aren’t safe to put in the liquid. After you have cleaned your jewelry, rinse well with cold water and then pat dry with a non abrasive cloth.

Why does my jewelry tarnish?
There are a few factors that play into jewelry tarnishing and how fast it happens:
Humidity - If you live near the beach your jewelry will definitely be more likely to tarnish.
Lotions and perfumes - If you wear lotion and perfume, we suggest that you put on your Jewelry afterwards.
Acidity levels - We know it sounds a bit random, but if you have high acidity levels, your jewelry is actually way more likely to tarnish. Just a little fun fact for you!

How do you avoid letting your jewelry tarnish?
The best way to avoid letting your jewelry tarnish is by storing it in a airtight plastic ziplock bag when not wearing it. Another interesting fact is that the more you wear your jewelry, the less it will tarnish. So its in your best interest to wear your Anna bee Jewelry every day :)

Can I wear my jewelry in the shower?
We would definitely advise you not to do this if you want your jewelry to look its best. However, if you do, you will have to make sure you clean it more often.

Please contact us at info@annabeejewelry.com if you can’t find the answer you are looking for!