Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for your Bestie!

Carrie Bradshaw said it best, "...friendships never go out of style."  Since Valentine's Day is approaching we thought we would give you some amazing gift ideas (at least we think so) that you can spoil those ladies who have been with you through breakups, babies, and everything in between!

Our puzzle heart necklace is the modern take on the friendship necklace, and is the perfect gift for that BFF that is near or far.  The pieces separated make a gorgeous, chic heart piece but when together they fit perfectly just like brunch and mimosas.

If you really want to make a statement with your bestie than our best friend sweatshirts are perfect!  These cute and casual sweatshirts are super comfy are perfect for your girls' weekend or going out for brunch.

Best friend tattoos are always fun but metallic best friend tattoos, now that's a party! These jewelry tattoos are perfect for a bachelorette party or even a great GNO! The pack comes with a variety of designs so no woman is left behind. 


Our friendship jewelry tattoo is a great way to show off who your squad is without leaving any girl behind.  The the design replicates the classic friendship ring yet is chic and modern enough to wear with your everyday outfit.   


The stackable friendship ring is our twist on the classic Irish claddagh ring that represents friendship, love and loyalty. It is adorned with a chic crown and heart and made perfectly to be worn together or separately.  Now personally I would just keep this piece all to myself, BUT it does make for a lovely gift to give the other two pieces to the rest of your squad.


We can't wait to see what you do to celebrate love and your bestie!  Whether single or not, every Thelma always needs a Louise, and what better way to celebrate those crazy adventures than with a Valentine's day present!