Meet the designer

  Combining creativity and an eye for design, along with the jewelry-making skills she learned as a child growing up in Nottingham, England, Anna Swonetz now creates custom jewelry, clothing, and metallic tattoos in her Downtown Las Vegas studio.
  After a chance opportunity to travel to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, Anna met her now husband, Brad, on a photo shoot. This led to a move to the States and working in the photography industry across North America. The work reawakened her desire to do something creative of her own, and so she formed AnnaBee in 2009. Not being able to find personalized jewelry that fit her aesthetic, she had the realization that if she couldn’t find what she wanted, she would make it herself.“  
  As a mum, wife, and friend, I have a passion for making beautiful pieces that are meaningful to the wearer as well as having a clean, modern aesthetic,” Anna says. “When I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to give to my own friends and family or wear myself, I decided to launch AnnaBee and create my idea of what meaningful jewelry could look like.”
  Looking through the product line, it is instantly clear that AnnaBee products are the perfect mash-up of sentimental design and Anna’s singular sense of humor. After initially launching her personalized jewelry line, Anna has now branched out into clothing for moms and children as well as her unique take on metallic tattoos, which are perfect for special occasions. 
  Her jewelry has also undergone an evolution from its humble beginnings in her garage in San Diego, California. 
While personalized jewelry will always remain at the heart of her creations, Anna has now introduced a line of friendship jewelry with a modern twist, as well as gemstone and zodiac pieces.
  Anna uses only high-quality metals and gems in her jewelry and eco-friendly materials for the clothing line. All jewelry and apparel are made in the U.S.A. Her pieces may be found online and in retail stores throughout America.
  Anna, her photographer husband, Brad, and their daughter reside in Downtown Las Vegas.